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"Electrozink" continues reconstruction of production

The plant «Electrozink», included in the complex of UMMC, in 2015, it continues to modernize the production of sulfuric acid. Improvements will affect the stabilization of the company. The reconstruction is carried out to prevent accidental shutdowns and increased environmental safety. The program, which is conducted within the framework of the improvement of the sulfuric acid plant will be carried out until 2017. In 2015 developed plans call for the construction of the drying tower, the construction of the washing towers and the preparatory work for the construction of the foundation for the flue gas pipe. Its height is 72 meters.

According to the plan the drying tower will be operational from September 2015 after renovations. Its main purpose — the removal of excess moisture from the purified gas firing. By early April, experts have made housing towers were purchased necessary components. He graduated from the work on the production of foundation, conducted the installation of metal structures and technological equipment. Today held lining — lining — the inner surface. Works in the sulfuric acid workshop are underway with the first days of 2015. According to the project at the new tower provides self-supporting arch and spherical bottom. These parameters correspond to the requirements and standards of safety and reliability, designed for sulfuric acid modern production.

In addition to increasing the degree of dehydration of gases using a drying tower is calculated to stabilize processes in the contact site and the technological equipment of Shops. The cost of the new tower is about 153 mln. RUB. In general, this year for the modernization of sulfuric acid production «Electrozink» plans to allocate 205 million. RUB. Overall, the production development program up to 2017 will require an investment of $ 523.20 million. RUB.

In addition to the drying tower in the current year will be built new scrubbing towers. Their main task — removal of impurities and dust particles gas firing. To date purchased flue pipes, pumps and heat exchangers are installed racks, held homogeneous internal svintsevanie towers. Work on the foundation of a flue gas pipe lining and provides backfill.

According to Dmitry Binder, chief engineer of the plant, the effective operation of the sulfuric acid plant has a direct impact on the amount of zinc produced, and environmental safety. It is for this reason that in 2015 the introduction of new equipment in the work of the entire plant fund aims for capital construction.

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