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Asian countries retain leadership in the production of steel

According to data provided by the World Steel Association, Asian countries are leading in the field of steel production. At the same time indicators of April 2015 is somewhat lower compared with the results of April 2014. The decline shows 1.32%. The fall observed against the background of reduction of steel production in the countries that occupy 1 and 2 position among the world's leading manufacturers.

In China 68,909,000. Tons were smelted in April 2015. Regarding the results of April 2014, when production volume totaled 69,372,000. Tons, showed a decrease of 0.7%. Indian manufacturers have released 7.433 million. Tons of steel products. Compared to April 2014, when 7,280 mln. Tons of metal was smelted, growth reached 2.1%.

Taiwan Development of crude steel reached 2.015 million. tons against 1.845 million. tons in the same period of 2014, an increase of 9.2% in April 2015.

The volume of output in Japan fell by approximately 10% in April 2015, from 8.946 million. Tons in April 2015 to 8.402 million. Tons in April 2014. South Korea has made in April, 2015 5788000. Tons of crude steel. This is 6.6% less than the results in April 2014, when the indicators have reached the level of 6.199 million. Tons. In general, Asian countries continue to occupy the position previously occupied, which could not be affected by a certain decline in steel production.

Japan continues to strengthen its position. According to news agency IRNA state representatives of 10 Japanese companies have signed an agreement on the construction of a metallurgical plant in Chabahar. At the signing of the agreement was attended by the Ambassador of Japan. Annual production capacity of the new «Makran Chabahar» plant will be 3 million. Tons of steel. Representatives of the companies previously visited in a free zone, considering the possibility of construction of metallurgical plants. The initial phase of the registration have been at least 4 companies. They were granted permission for the development of sites and activities, providing for the construction of factories.

Delegates of Japanese companies, whose activities are concentrated in the metals sector, announced their intention to participate in the construction of the metallurgical enterprises in Chabahar. The plant «Makran Chabahar» is expected to be commissioned in two stages. When provided full capacity of 3 million. Tons per year, the first phase will ensure the production of 1.6 mln. Tons of steel.

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