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In the United States decided to punish Russian metallurgists duties

Steel producers in the United States appealed to the Ministry of Commerce, demanding the abolition of the trade agreement on import duties for Russian manufacturers of carbon steel CTL.

According to leading industry companies — SSAB, ArcelorMittal, NucorCorp. — Industry of the country is experiencing the negative impact of the influx of low-cost carbon steel. Under assumptions of American manufacturers Russian metallurgists violate terms of the agreement of 1997. Revisions have been made to it in 2003, stipulating the pending anti-dumping tax on products. Representatives of the companies in a petition to the Ministry stated that no contract, no standard pricing mechanism in this case did not work as it should. In contrast, the Russian export volumes are constantly increasing, manufacturers increase the rate of supply of cheap plates to the US market.

US steelmakers have experience of Russian products confrontation. In 2014, the agreement was canceled with respect to the hot, flat steel, high carbon steel. The move prevented the import of products with the lowest cost. Now it comes to the import of steel sheet imports which increased more than 2800% in 2014 relative to 2013, amounting to more than 55 thous. Tons. In case of cancellation of the second agreement, the goods of «Severstal» Russia will affect the anti-dumping tax rate of 53.81%. Other exporters and producers are waiting for the Russian duty at the level of 185%.

The charge of evasion of duties and touched the Chinese manufacturers. According to US companies breach is misclassification. When importing products dimensional sheet made from carbon steel with the addition of certain elements, referred to as an alloy.

Anti-dumping duties in addition to held in China in combating pollution on the expectations of professionals can significantly reduce production capacity. At the same time reducing the cost of iron ore and reduces production costs. That, accordingly, increases the volume of low-priced steel products on wounds of the world, where the palpable gap between the cost of domestic and imported goods of Chinese. According CISAstalnoy exports from the PRC increased by almost 50% in 2014, reaching another record of 94 million. Tons. Number of steel supplied by China, in January-March 2015 increased by 41% to 25,780,000. Tons. The consumption in the domestic market in China for the period fell by 6%.

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