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zinc cost decreases, production grows

Analysts at Standard Chartered Bank forecast a continued decrease in the cost of zinc in 2015. This trend is expected to last until the third quarter inclusive. In the fourth quarter, the price will change in the direction of increasing. If in April-September, the cost of one ton of zinc will be 2200 USD, then in October-December it will reach up to 2250 USD / ton.

According to the World Bureau of Metal Statistics global excess metal in January-February of this year reached 33,100 tonnes. In February, according to the results of calculations made ​​by the volume of zinc amounted to 1,102,100. Tons. Consumption reached the level 1.1106 million. Tons.

In InternationalLeadandZincStudyGroupneskolko other information. According to the presented data, excess zinc in the world market in January-February reached the level 61 thousand tons. The company's specialists have estimated that in January and February was collectively produced 2.154 million. Tons of zinc. The consumption amounted to 2.093 million. Tons. When considering the same period of 2014 there was a shortage of metal at the level of 24 thousand tons. If we look at last year's results, according to their lack of zinc reached 296 thousand tons. At the same time the global metal production amounted to 13,513,000. Tons, while the consumption of 13,809,000. Tons.

Despite the promised surplus, Russian companies are increasing production capacity. Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant in the first three months of 2015 produced 44.884 million tons of SHG zinc alloys included here is based on the brand. This index release on 1% higher than same period last year. «Nova Zinc» for January-March 2015 made ​​of zinc concentrate at a rate of 8892 tonnes. Compared with the same period of 2014 it has increased by 1.6% .Cherepovetsky plant plans to invest more than $ 6 billion. RUBv project for the production of rolled sheet with a zinc coating. Supply of equipment took over the Belgian company CMI Industry. In addition to supplying its tasks include installation, commissioning and start-up of equipment, its output to planned capacity. The new complex includes a hot-dip galvanizing device and device coatings. Performance units is 400 000 tonnes / year and 200,000 tons / year, respectively. Issuance costs of production were reduced almost 6.5 bln. RUB. In this case the resulting savings are greater than last year's business plan is more than 2 times.

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