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Deliveries to the Russian side, "Arcelor Mittal Krivoy Rog" virtually ceased

Director of the Metallurgical Plant «Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog» Paramzhit Kalon reported on developments with respect to Russian supplies. To date shipments to the Russian Federation with the company ceased almost completely. From July to August 2014 the volume of products sold in Russia amounted to about 55−60 tons. Further deliveries fell to the level of 35−40 thousand tons. On the current scale can not speak, so they are negligible.

According to the director reached 86% in the share of exported production, domestic sales accounted for 14%. The main consumers in the past year were the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

In 2014, «ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog» reduced the release of hire by 1,9% compared to 2013 to a level of 5 million. 555,400 tons. Development of steel decreased by 2.2%, amounting to 6 million. 291,400 tons. Iron smelting fell by 1.1% to reach 5 million. 546,600 tons. In December, production issued rental 445.2 thousand. Tons of pig iron, 440.4 thous. Tons of steel 502.1 ths. Tons. The results could be significant, but in the productivity adversely affected electricity shortages. During the month, the level was reduced by 30−40% every day. As a result, production of steel decreased by 12% compared to December of 2013. In this volume of steel production reached 500 thousand tons. Final results lower than planned data by only 3%. And this despite the unstable situation in the country and terminated the supply of certain raw materials. This year the enterprises still depend on deliveries of coke, coal and limestone. In 2013, growth in rental released was 1.2% on the previous year, amounting to 5.661 million. Tons. Steel production increased by 0.2% to reach 6,430 million. Tons. Release of iron thus fell by 0.1% to 5.606 million. Tons.

Also in December, a compulsory equipment repairs. We are talking about housing shaft of the blast furnace 9, lasting 5 days. Repair affected 6th converter, kilns, small-section mill, wire mill small-section, staleplavilnyy2-hwan unit.

Now the company is actively seeking new foreign markets for their goods. Ukrainian competition «ArcelorMittal» in the foreign trade market are producers of China and Russia. In 2014 the metallurgical enterprises of Russia have increased the percentage of foreign sales after the devaluation of the RUB.

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