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Volumes of "Interpipe" products will be reduced

This year, the «Interpipe» plans to reduce output of two leading asset. Production figures Novomoskovsk pipe plant will be reduced by 19%, Nizhnedniprovsk Tube by 28%. At the same time in 2014 Novomoskovsk production has decreased by 26% of consolidated net income, received 1.250872 billion. Hryvnia. As a result, the net loss in 2014 amounted to 34.9% — 105 317 000 hryvnia… Manufactured products reached 131.229 ths. Tons. For comparison, in 2013 volumes were 226.747 thousand. Tons, so that the figures were down 42.1%. Exports in 2014 reached 91,12 thousand. Tons against 162.702 thousand. Tons in 2013. The volume of exports of all sales were 70.9% and 72% in 2014 and 2013 respectively.

According to preliminary estimates for the current year, production volumes reached 106.903 thousand. Tons of pipes. The cost of products shipped will be 1,231,786,000. Hryvnia. «Interpipe» supplies manufactured goods on the markets of Ukraine, Russia, CIS, EU, USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In this case, the documentation states that the main consumer products was the Russian market. The situation did not change in 2013, even with the imposition of duties and quotas. In 2014, deliveries of «Interpipe» in Russia amounted to 29% of total shipments.

Nizhnedneprovskiy plant, the second asset «Interpipe», last year reduced net income to the level of 5.498831 billion. Hryvnia, which is 5.9% lower on the indicators of 2013. Net loss of the company increased by 15.2 times and amounted to 1020.520 mln. Hryvnia against 66.978 million. Hryvnia in 2013. The volume of seamless pipes produced in 2014 reached the level of 114.653 ths. Tons, while the 2013 figure was 186.431 thousand. Tons. Number of manufactured casings with couplings made 166.596 thousand. Tons against 174.126 thousand. Tons in the previous year. Railway wheels were produced 120.543 thousand. Tons against 148.132 thousand. Tons. According to preliminary estimates, the volume of output in 2015 reached 290.8 thousand. Tonnes. Net income at the same time will be about 5.4 billion. Hryvnia.

Compared to 2013 the volume of shipped pipe products fell by 60.3 thousand. Tons to the level of 291.9 thousand. Tonnes. Volumes of supplies of tires and wheels down to the level of 125.6 thousand. Tonnes. The main influencing factor is the decrease in demand in the foreign and domestic market of Ukraine and CIS countries.

A positive aspect «Interpipe» determines the quality work to replenish the debit VAT. In 2014, the amount reached 419.250 mln. Hryvnia, whereas in 2013 only amounted to 294,458,000. Hryvnia.

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