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Leaders of producing nickel: TOP 2014

In 2014, the nickel market is expected to increase the cost of the main product and its deficiency. Expectations, however, did not materialize. Despite the Indonesian ban, the price of nickel rushed down because of the considerable stocks and expectations for easing the rules. Global nickel production over the past year was slightly lower than the previous — 2.40 million tons and 2.63 million tons respectively… According to US Geological Survey, the average price of nickel fell by 14% over the year. Of opinion Experts do not agree — some believe that in 2015 the nickel market expects a significant deficit, some rely on the growth of production. Geological Survey also provided a list of top leading producers of nickel over the past year.

1 place is occupied by the Philippines, where production amounted to 440 000 tonnes. It is the leading supplier for China — only 10 months of 2014 the export of raw materials increased by 24%. The main mass of the ore came from the warehouses but continuing development of new fields.

the 2nd place Russia — production amounted to 260,000 tons. The production decreased by 5% compared with 2013 year.

Indonesia belongs to the 3rd place — production reached 240,000 tons. Given the Indonesian ban, volumes decreased by 45%. Efforts to develop the economy, give visible results. By the end of this year is scheduled the final phase of construction 6ti nickel-processing facilities. 5 more plants will be built by the end of next year.

Canada 4th place with nickel in the production of 233 000 tonnes. In the camp of the expected increase in production of raw materials, but the decline in nickel prices has turned most of the projects unprofitable facilities.

Australia on 5th place — where production reached 220 000 tonnes, a decrease compared with 2013 year. According to preliminary estimates of the growth will occur in 2018.

6th place for New Caledonia to the volume produced 165,000 tons of nickel. This figure repeats the result of 2013.

At the 7th place Brazil — production reached 126,000 tons. In comparison with 2013 the year in decline, while nickel production has increased dramatically.

China on the 8th place, the volume of mined nickel reached 100 000 tonnes. In 9th place Colombia — production of nickel was 75 000 tonnes. As compared with 2013 year changes were observed. But 2015 may be critical — the country there are strikes of workers, leading to a halt mines. For Cuba, the 10th place, production reached 66 000 tons.

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