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China and Chile are going to increase the production of copper

In March, production figures for the development of copper in China increased by 9.7% compared to the results in March 2014, which amounted to 636 351 tonnes. This growth was made possible by increasing the production capacity. At the same time production data is significantly lower for December 2014, when volumes were 832,618 tonnes. Chinese experts predict a rise in the April figures on the results of March. During the period from January to February, the volume of production reached 1.2 mln. Tons. In general, the Ikvartal produced 1.85 million. Tons of copper, which is 14.3% higher than the results of I quarter of last year.

Reducing China's economic growth leads to a reduction in the volume of copper consumption. Analysts are predicting demand growth of 6% in 2015. This figure compared with the results of the 2000s, when progress was about 14%, much lower. Demand in China in addition to the real consumption is influenced by inventories and government purchases for the emergency reserve. As experts predict the company PPC, real consumption will rise to a record $ 9.24 million. Tons in 2015. Increased by 500 000 tonnes, an increase is not too impressive in percentage terms. In 2010, it amounted to 21%, in 2007 — 34%.

The main consumer of copper in China is the construction industry, accounting for about 50% of the total volume. Automotive also pulls over a considerable percentage of the red metal. But the downturn in the economy negatively affects the cost of housing, and reduced growth in sales in the automotive industry.

Companies mining of copper, given the high demand for the metal in prior periods have stepped up the development of deposits. The proposal continues to grow consumption and no longer corresponds to the production.

Chile also is stepping up production of copper. Corporation CODELCOsobiraetsya increase performance up to 2 mln. Tons by 2026. Last year, the corporation field produced 1.67 million. Tonnes of the red metal. The main factor influencing the increase in production of copper, will be the development of new and expansion of existing fields. At the same time there is a danger that the status CODELCOkak the most significant producer of copper in the world can be shaken. The negative factor is the decline in quality of raw materials, increased costs and delayed obtaining licenses for new programs. However, representatives of the Corporation believe that copper production costs will be relatively stable in 2015−2019, respectively. Costs in 1,51 USD / pound is only slightly higher than in 2014 — 1,5 USD / lb.

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