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Global copper consumption will continue to grow

According to representatives of Freedonia Group global consumption of the metal, produced from copper waste, recyclable materials and refined copper until 2019 annually will grow more than 4%. The final volume will reach 36 million. Tons with the value of 261 billion. USD. The results of the study will be given to pipes, wire and other products based on the copper used in construction and plumbing.

Capacity investments in infrastructure will have a positive impact on the increase in the volume of copper used to update the energy systems of the regions. In this wire cable production and increase respectively. Another factor that has a positive effect on the manufacturing industry, will be the use of copper in the industrial, transport and household appliances, and other products, long-term use. Do not, however, forget about the competition, which is made ​​up of copper alternative materials. For example, the use of plastic plumbing pipes and other similar application will restrain growth.

According to the analyst Carolina Zulandt global copper market is ruled by the PRC. It is in this country in 2014 accounted for more than 2/5 of the world demand for copper. This is not surprising, given the incredible volume of consumption and the expansion of infrastructure from electronic and electrical sectors. Investments, incorporated in China plans to build, strengthen global demand for copper. And it will continue to grow along with the rise of production in China of vehicles, household appliances and industrial equipment.

Today in China there is a decrease of economic growth. Accordingly, falls and domestic consumption of copper. According to experts in 2015, demand for copper is only a 6% increase in the country. For comparison, in the 2000s the average annual growth rate reached 14%. As for demand generation, in addition to real consumption in its volume of collected affect stocks and government procurement. However, the only real consumption merits special attention. The Japanese company PPCpolagaet that this year its volume reached 9.24 million. Tons, an increase by 500 000 tonnes and reaching a new record. However, if we consider the percentage of growth is not too impressive. If consumption has increased by 34% in 2007, in 2010 the increase was 21%, the performance in 2015 against this background quite restrained.

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