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Zaporozhye plant increased its production capacity

Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Plant, which is part of Group DF, was able to increase the production of titanium ingots to a level of 207 tonnes over the past year. This figure is three times higher than the results of 2013. According to Vladimir Sivak, director of the plant, the production of titanium ingots for the production is a priority. It titanium products are of high marginal income. On this basis, the company aims to further increase the volume of produced titanium alloys and ingots. Specialists of the company continue the development and improvement of technology of smelting ingots. In addition, the plant is working to modernize the existing equipment.

Today specialists of Zaporozhye companies have mastered the technology of production of alloyed alloys. These include titanium, aluminum and oxygen. According to surveys of this particular part of the most in demand from the consumers of the products.

Against the background of the production of ingots and alloys decreased production volumes of titanium slag and titanium sponge. In the year it produced more than 7200 tons of titanium sponge, with figures in 2013 amounted to approximately 9,400 tonnes. Volumes issued titanium slag in 2014 amounted to over 32 600 tonnes, while in 2013 they reached a level of more than 35,600 tons. Reduced performance occurred against accidents with electricity at the end of the year and due to capacity limitations. Also had an impact which began at the end of the year overhaul ore-smelting furnace. That it is made ​​of titanium slag smelting.

In Russia, in January of this year, the release of untreated titanium decreased by 8.6% compared to January, 2014. Production of titanium profiles, wire rods and fell by 7.6%. Regarding the December production figures untreated titanium fell by 0.1%, of titanium semi-finished products decreased by 36.4%. At the same time continuing cooperation between VSMPO-Avisma and concern Airbus. The contract 4 billion. USD, in which Avisma supplies titanium forging, rolling, will be valid until 2020. In addition, in 2014 to the current contract to add additional agreement. VSMPO-Avisma provides Airbus needs of more than 60%. Avisma's products are used in the manufacture of landing gear, aircraft wings and engine pylons elements.

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