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CJSC "Mane Coon" is ready to invest in the same field

Oleg Kozhemyako, the governor of the Amur region, said at a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev about the readiness of JSC «Mane Coon» invest 60 billion. RUB in the development of the field Coon Magnier. The assets comprise deposits of copper-nickel ores. According to information provided by the Amur Minerals, which includes the company, the volume of ore reaches 67 mln. Tons. At the same time the average nickel content in it is 0.59% — 366 000 tonnes. The copper content reaches 0.18% — 99 000 tons. During the year, the field can provide about 6 million. Tons of ore. However, the company invests only in the case of her production license. O. Kozhemyako made a request for assistance in obtaining this license the company. Dmitry Medvedev, in response requested elaboration of this issue, Alexander Khloponin.

According to preliminary estimates on GOK for the production will be used by the open method. Processing will be carried out by flotation to produce a year 350,000 tonnes of salable nickel-copper concentrate. For post-processing products will be delivered by BAM through Ulak. As for the use of electricity, it is possible to use diesel plants to be able to provide 40 MW.

Morgan Stanley's experts still believe that the situation with the base metals gradually improve. At the same time it should be noted that the hopes of seasonal demand in the PRC did not justify themselves. The report Morgan Stanley says the Chinese government decision to expand infrastructure projects. Processing the metal remains «dormant». However, the price of copper has not demonstrated such a sharp drop at the beginning of 2015. On the contrary, the price has increased more than 6%. As a whole, Morgan Stanley reduced its forecast for the price of copper in 2015 by 16% to reach 5945 USD / ton.

Financial Times Experts also note the lack of demand. According to the company in February, the volume of imports of copper reached the lowest level since 2011. However, copper is gradually reasserting itself. As spoken by Morgan Stanley, the last 3 months of short-term prospects for the industry show a trend towards improvement. This prediction continues to rely on the actions of the PRC. Analysts say that China has recently reported on the growing investments by 21% year on year. This move increases the chances of spending growth.

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