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Release of copper, in lead and zinc Tajikistan increased 20 times

Today T. K. Gorprom delivers zinc, lead and copper are the leading companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, China and the EU. Since 2010, «the Tajik-Chinese mining companies' increased output of copper concentrate, lead and zinc B20 again. The volume of production of lead and zinc concentrates in 2010 reached 6.8 thousand. Tonnes. In 2014 this figure amounted to 138.4 thous. Tons. These results could be achieved by the company prior investment. In 2007 and 2010, the company was not engaged in mining, concentrating solely on the investment of funds for the organization of work. Over the three-year period of preparatory processes have been invested 57.4 million USD. The level of investments in 2014 reached the level of 118.8 million. USD. On the construction of the processing plant with an annual production capacity of 1 mln. Tons of ore and its technical equipment it has been spent more than 76 million. USD. To date, it plans to implement the second stage of production. According to preliminary estimates after completion of the project production figures will increase to the level of 2 million. Tons of ore / year.

According to statistics, in 2014 T. K. Gorprom received a net profit of $ 223 million. Somoni. For comparison: in 2011, the result was only 29.4 million somoni… Tax payments of the budget for the entire period of work amounted to 295 million. Somoni. In addition, the company worried about the decision of problems with water and electricity not only for themselves but also for the population. To this end, T. K. Gorprom allocated 41.7 million. Somoni for the repair and construction of transmission lines and dams. Another of the project started in the spring of 2014. It includes the construction of lead-zinc smelter, located in Istiklol in «industrial zone of Tajikistan and China.»

The plans of T. K. Gorprom expansion of annual production capacity of the factory to the level of 2 million. Tons, the development of the field «Zarnisor Shimoliy» metallurgical plant building. Investments in these projects amount to more than 400 mln. USD. Operation of projects will start before the beginning of 2018. The first phase of the metallurgical plant according to preliminary estimates will be operational in late 2017. At the same time, it starts the production of lead metal. Annual production volumes will be 20 000 tonnes / year. In the future, the company plans to increase the production capacity to an annual level of 50 thousand. Tonnes. After the implementation of the second phase of the release of zinc ingots will be 50 thousand. Tons / year.

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