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Last year, stainless steel production increased

Last year was quite successful for the majority of stainless steel manufacturers. As representatives of the company MEPS, production volumes increased the Western Europe, USA and Asia. The growth rate was 7.6%, reaching the level of 41 mln. tons. Among the leaders in stainless steel production, only Korea showed a decrease of melt. Indicators decreased in Russia, taking into account the decrease in domestic demand and the financial problems of «Mechel». 2015 also brings bright prospects. In the not the best way affects the stainless steel production RUB depreciation and decline in consumer demand.

The global stainless steel market in general, positive special is watching. As MEPS predict experts, this year's global production will increase by about 4.9% to reach 43 million. Tons. At the same time, consumer demand is expected to increase by 3−4% due to inhibition of the PRC economy. According to statistics, in 2014 China produced 23.55 million. Tons of stainless steel, increasing the result of 2013 by 8.4%. However, the most popular smelting steel containing nickel, increased by only 3% to 11.2 million. Tons. However, even such a small increase has become redundant. As a result of increased volumes of foreign supplies. In particular, the export of China's stainless flats in 2014 reached 3.85 million. Tons, an increase with respect to 2013 by 28.5%. Exports from China to India, Southeast Asia, Korea and Russia.

Representatives MEPS say the permanent strengthening of the imbalance in the global stainless market. The increase in supply lowers quotes for stainless steel. In February, the leading European manufacturers have reduced cost by 35−40 EURO / tonne. The Asian market slowed down the prices of flat steel export to 50−80 USD / ton compared to the previous month. The Russian market also lives its own life. Stainless steel internal cost increases since mid-2014. This trend is not surprising, given the increase in the cost of chromium, nickel, and other alloying components against falling RUB. And if in the 3 rd quarter 2014 monthly growth from the «Mechel» of prices was 3.2%, in October, the price has increased by 7−8%, and in December — by 15−20%.

Compared with the year 2014 the demand for stainless steel in Russia decreased significantly. On the same level are the orders of the «Rosatom». Also ongoing purchase by the machine-building holding long-term contracts. As for consumers spot, they are almost fully stopped to buy stainless products.

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