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Non-ferrous metals can rise in price

London Metal Exchange reduces the cost of copper and other nonferrous metals, excluding aluminum. This trend is inevitable, given the appreciation of the USD. In turn, the increase rate is influenced by speculation about the possibility of raising interest rates by the US Federal Reserve. At the same time considering the possibility of growth of consumer prices in the PRC with a decrease in producer prices, which leads to a weakening economy. Industry analysts, however, did not lose heart and hard to predict the subsequent increase in the value of non-ferrous metals. In particular, in 2015 the price of copper may rise in the wake of increased demand from the electric power industry of China. On the pricing may also affect the drought in Chile. According to Wood Mackenzie copper costs in 2015 will amount to 290 cents per pound, which corresponds to 6400 USD / ton. Now the price is maintained at less than 6000 USD / ton.

In Russia, the increase in the cost of non-ferrous metals was 18.9% in January of this year, against 13.4% in December 2014. For the year prices increased by 72.2%. The greatest increase in the cost of aluminum is demonstrated. In January, its value increased by 21.4%, for the year grew by 72.5%. Increasing the cost of other metals was 11,8−18,1%. Since October last year and January of this is particularly noticeable jump in the cost of primary aluminum. As a result of increased cost of goods based on it. It does not facilitate the situation and decline in demand from the industries and enterprises of the construction industry. As a result, downloads and drop facilities vynuzhdzhennaya stop investment projects.

Specialists Bank of America Merrill Lynch lowered the previous forecast of aluminum value 2015−2016. In 2015 the decline was 7.8% to the level of 1818 USD / ton for 2016 — 15.9% to the level of 1850 USD / ton. In January, the global aluminum output rose to 4.612 million. Tons, while the observed rate 4.379 million. Tons in January 2014. The December result was 4.674 million. Tons. The January average daily global aluminum production was 148,800 tons. Last year's January figures reached 141.3 thousand tons, December -. 150 800 tons. Analysts expect the growth of light metal value over 2015. These assumptions are based on the reduction of production capacity and increasing consumer demand.

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