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Russian stainless steel imports went down

In January 2015, the volume of Russian imports of stainless steel have gone into decline. Compared with the December 2014 figures Turnover decreased by 46.1%. Regarding the results of January 2014 the reduction was 29.1%. In value terms, imports decreased by 31.7% in January this year compared to the same period of 2014, amounting to 31.53 million. USD. «Steels» Association Experts believe that this year Russia's imports of stainless steel as a whole will depend on the solvency of the companies-importers. Also affect demand and domestic payments. Negative factors include the impact of a decrease in opportunities and increase in loan interest rates. As a result, we can expect the deficit offers stainless steel products in the domestic market. However, such a situation will arise soon. Today traders warehouses have sufficient volumes of products that ensure supply.

Last year, the Customs Union countries increased volumes of mutual deliveries of stainless steel. According to data provided by the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Russian supply increased by 26.1% in 2014 relative to 2013, amounting to 15 388 tonnes. Including volumes delivered flat steel with a width of> 600 mm increased by 34.4% (8788 tons), a primary billet — by 45.1% (230 tons). Number of long products increased by 12.5% ​​(5,426 tons), flat steel with a width of <600 mm — 5.9% (520 tonnes), the wire — by 119.8% (422 tons).

Last year, the volume of Russia's stainless flats in the Republic of Belarus reached 4424 tons. The growth rate in this case was 6.2%. In Kazakhstan, 10 963 tonnes were delivered by Russia, with an increase of 36.4%. Deliveries from Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation reached the level of 2342 tons, an increase of 11.2%. Belarusian exports to Russia increased by 162.1% and amounted to 145 tonnes.

According to the Association «Steels» in the last year the volume of Russian imports of stainless steel pipes decreased by 28.9% compared to the results of 2013 amounted to 26 598 tonnes. The volume of imported seamless pipes have decreased by 36%, electric 18.8%. In November last year, we finished the work quotas on imports of stainless steel pipes in the Customs Union. Analysts believe that this measure is allowed to contain the increase in the volume of imports. Thus, the domestic pipe producers received additional opportunities for development.

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