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Alcoa buys RTI International Metals

Aluminum production leader in the US, the company Alcoa, invests 1.3 bln. USD in purchase of RTI International Metals. This company focuses on the production and supply of titanium. The main business of RTI International Metals — over 80% — is concentrated in the defense and aerospace industry. Buying RTI, Alcoa completes diversify into products with high added value. Klaus Kleinfeld, CEO of the American company, confident in the attractiveness of the Alcoa business to aerospace market. As for titanium, then today this metal is most in demand in the aerospace field.

In 2014, RTI income, which is listed by the client Boeing Co, totaled 794 million. USD. Guide Alcoa said that in 2015 plans to increase the level of income to 850 million. USD. Expectations for 2019 amount to 1.2 bln. USD. Alcoa company expects to increase the share of its own projects in the global aerospace industry. At the moment, the company estimates the possibility of closing 14% of its smelting capacity, which amounts to 500 thousand. Tonnes. Priority will be removed from the traditional to more expensive business. Since 2007, Alcoa has reduced 1.3 million. Tons of production capacity. The company opened a plant in Saudi Arabia.

The analyst BMO Capital Markets, David Galliano, believes that this transaction fully meets this Alcoa strategy. However, he believes it is quite expensive, as the company acquires RTI shares for an amount in excess of their real value.

Another successfully completed the transaction Alcoa — acquisition Tital. This German manufacturer is focused on the issue of aluminum and titanium castings for airplanes. The titanium parts are widely used in civil aircraft. In operation, they are able to withstand the elevated temperatures and pressures. The weight parts of titanium lower than that of steel, which lowers fuel costs. Alcoa bought Tital the program to expand its own position in the global market for titanium components in the aerospace field. Today Tital occupies a leading position in terms of supply of titanium and aluminum shaped castings for aerospace companies. According to preliminary estimates for the period 5letny its revenue from sales of titanium products is able to increase by 70%.

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