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In the "Severstal" last year sold 1.265 million. Tons of pipe products

«Severstal», one of the leading companies in the steel and mining sector, has implemented in the past year 1.265 million. Tons of pipes. This figure is 19% higher than the results of 2013. According to Dmitry Goroshkova, Director of Marketing and Sales, at such high results said the new strategy. In addition, in 2014, «Russian Steel» has participated in the implementation of both Russian and international pipeline construction projects.

The volumes sold rolled Cherepovets Steel Mill. In 2014, at the plant site suffered 2nd line for the manufacture of pipes. Before them is a factory owner «Severstallat». This step made it possible to increase the volume of pipe sold by 23 000 tonnes in the markets of Central and North-West Federal District. In the past year, «Severstal» has invested in the repair project «Cherepovets Steel» about 14 billion. RUB.

«Severstal TPZ-Sheksna», part of «Severstal Russian Steel» over the past year has repeatedly reached record highs on a monthly shipment of goods to consumers. In 2014, the number of sales increased by 23% compared to 2013, which amounted to 320 000 tonnes against 261 000 tonnes. «IPM» increased the volume of shipped production by 24%, which amounted to 402 000 tonnes against 325 000 tonnes in 2013. This increase was due to the implementation of the program, aimed at institutional and investment measures. Also on the positive dynamics of the affected strong demand for pipes of large diameter. In this sector, the main consumers were the company «Transneft» and «Gazprom» with a number of significant projects.

Last year, the company «Severstal Distribution» in Poland and Latvia have released 73,000 tons of welded pipes. This is higher than 9% the previous year. European plants produce structural tube with a diameter of 89 mm. Also, they produced water and gas pipes, which are a niche product. Production of these products started in 2011. To date, «Severstal Distribution» actively replenishes the production assortment. Customers are able to buy galvanized pipe, black and milling. All product meets the European standards. Deliveries are carried out in the countries of Eastern, Northern and Central Europe.

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