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In Japan, the ports accumulate stocks of aluminum

The 3 major ports throughout Japan reached the 10 months of rising aluminum stocks. In late January the volume reached a record high, given the low domestic demand with increased imports. We are talking about the ports of Osaka, Nagoya and Yokohama. The amount of aluminum reached 449,800 tons, an increase of only 8.8% in January. This flow of imported goods goes to Japan from China. In 2014, the volume of Chinese exports of aluminum products increased by about 19%. In 2015, analysts predict a continuation of this trend. Such opinions are based on low domestic prices relative to the international market.

In 2014, Japan's imports from ingots of aluminum increased by 16% compared to 2013 and amounted to 1.698 million tons. Since 2010, it is the highest mark. The volume of imported alloy of aluminum increased by 11% to 1.125 million tons. Since 2008, it is the highest level. The January inventories also increased against the background of early deliveries, the term of which was planned for February. His influence was and to reduce domestic demand for aluminum products.

Thus the December production figures from Japan's manufacturers fell by 2.9% compared to 2013, amounting to 160,731 tons. This year continues to be observed monthly decline in response to reduced demand from the construction and transport sectors. Japanese companies, focusing on the high level of stocks, slow down production. In their plans — reducing its own reserves until 31 March.

Reduced volumes and production of primary aluminum in Brazil. For 2014 results decreased by 26.2% to reach 962 000 tonnes. In 2013, the figures reached 1 300 000 tonnes. In December 2014 the smelting of aluminum fell by 32% year on year, amounting to 70 900 tonnes. In the same period last year production was 104,300 tonnes of aluminum. At 23.5%, and decreased volume of export of primary aluminum, given the power to stop some manufacturers. According to statistics in 2014 went abroad 309,878 tons of raw aluminum. Exports in 2013 reached the level of 404,847 tonnes. Under assumptions of experts of the Association of producers of aluminum metal smelting in Brazil will fall to the level of 660 000 tonnes in 2025. In 2015, Brazil can first obtain the status of a net importer of aluminum.

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