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UMMC to invest in Gai GOK 2.9 billion. RUB

This year, the leadership of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company plans to invest in Gai GOK, included in its composition, about 2.9 bln. RUB. Of the entire input amount of the order of 50% will be invested in capital construction. The first is planned to develop GOK objects from which depends directly on the main production and processing of raw materials. The bulk of investments — more than RUB 700 million -. Will be invested in building capacity underground mine processing plant. Construction processes affect all the mine shafts. The «new» and mine is no exception. The final stage will be held on the ground central site of the mine. Down substation GPP 4, responsible for electricity, according to preliminary estimates will be commissioned in the first half of 2015 Mine «New» was launched in the summer of 2014. Investments amounted to about 2.8 billion. RUB.

Also part of the funding will be directed at improving the control system the main ventilation system of the mine «Severnaya ventilation.» In addition, the development of plans for UMMC Kvarkensky Dombarovsky and industrial sites. These are fields of «South-Kirov», «Summer» and «Left Bank», which are developed by open pit. Overall, in 2015 the planned volume of ore mined open pit and underground on Gaisky GOK will be 9.1 million. Tons. To allocate about 193 million. RUB to conduct mining and capital works aimed at the opening of «Autumn» field. Construction and installation work will be carried out and in auxiliary buildings combine. The main objective is to improve the living conditions and the decision set production goals. Yuri Dolmatov, deputy director for capital construction, said that the modernization of the factory in 2015 will be allocated 113 million. RUB.

Already explored reserves of Ai GOK in the order of 400 mln. Tons of copper-pyrite ores. Such an amount is able to provide companies work for half a century. In addition, the deposit has not been investigated fully. Experts suggest that further exploration can provide about 200 million. Tons of copper ore. Gai GOK holds a leading position in the RA for the extraction of copper. Gaisky same field includes 76% of all copper reserves of the Orenburg region.

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