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March 8 dear women

The beginning of spring brings with it a holiday, loved by all. March 8, the International Women's Day, celebrated in many countries as a day of struggle for the beautiful half of their rights. History says that the emergence of this festival was preceded by a long period of strikes and protest marches. Women desperately fought against the discrimination that prevails over the centuries, against low wages and long working hours. In Russia, the first holiday March 8 was celebrated in St. Petersburg in 1913.

Today the need for such a confrontation has practically disappeared «no.» What until date, March 8 has become a festival dedicated to women around the world. On this day to present flowers and gifts beautiful ladies, regardless of their status and age. March 8, like all holidays, has its own traditions. A strong half of humanity in this day takes on the responsibilities of women — or at least trying to do so. Lesson is not simple, it should be noted. For any fragile and vulnerable women manage in everyday life combine work, taking care of loved ones and domestic chores.

Because hardly anyone has any doubt that every woman deserves admiration and reverence, especially clearly demonstrated on this day. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, loved by women and girls, work colleagues — the holiday for you! Stay forever young and beautiful, surround us with their love and care, kindness and tenderness. Illuminates the world with their smiles and shining eyes.

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