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«Outokumpu» promises improvement in the stainless steel sector

In accordance with the report «Outokumpu», the leader in stainless steel production, in 2015 the global demand for these products will be better lows of recent months, 2014. However, regional figures may vary in the first quarter. Experts of the company «Outokumpu» indicate an improvement in demand from the Middle East, Europe and Africa region. Demand from the United States quite promising. At the same time new contracts appear restrained, due to uncertainty about the cost of nickel. Asian market in January-February, remains weak.

Overall, in 2014 the demand for stainless steel increased by 5.5%. Accordingly, the increased consumer demands in North and South America as well as Europe. The increase amounted to 4.7% and 3.8% respectively. Of the total volume of the consumer in 2014 of the imported stainless product «Outokumpu» in the EU amounted to 30.6%. The volume of imports in the NAFTA region reached the level of 18.9%. The market share of the company in 2014 has been increased through a partnership with the production of cold rolling mill in Mexico. It is also influenced by the technical development of the American Calvert plant. As a result, over the past year the market share of the company «Outokumpu» on the NAFTA market has increased from 20 to 22%. In general, the supply of stainless steel companies in 2014 amounted to 2554 thousand. Tons, while the 2013 figures were 2585 thous. Tons.

Release of stainless steel in Russia increased by 11.4% in 2014, amounting to 114,195 tons. The growth was due to the tubular segment, the production of which increased by 17.6% compared to 2013, which amounted to 12 213 tonnes. Release of seamless pipes increased by 4.6%, electric-welded pipes almost 20.2%. Overall, in 2014 the consumption of stainless steel in Russia decreased with respect to the results of 2013. Fell and the volume of exports of stainless steel. Decrease in volumes affected profiled and flat steel, wire, primary preform. However, the increased volume of exports of seamless stainless steel tubes. According to representatives of the Association «Spetstal» in 2015, the volume of imports could be reduced by 40% compared to 2014 results. In this case you should expect an increase in the cost of production in the domestic market. It is also possible shortage of certain types of products.

Release of stainless steel made ​​in Japan fell by 6.2% in 2014, reaching 3.40 million. Tons. In 2013, production amounted to 3.63 million. Tons. Reduced rates due to weak domestic demand in the country.

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