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The company "RUSAL" remains afloat

In mid-February, the representatives of «Rusal» outlined the situation on the Russian aluminum market. Product manufacturers are obliged to act in accordance with the regulations of FAS. The realization of aluminum products should be based on the LME price. This requirement provides Russian producers competitive on the world market. It should be noted that the formation of the cost of raw materials and smelted of the aluminum produced in USD. Russia does not have sufficient reserves of raw aluminum. Because a significant portion of the supply is made from abroad. Energy contracts are also more tied to the London Stock Exchange prices. Another point load on the «Rusal» — currency loans obtained on the company's development. Accordingly, the vast majority of expenditure is calculated in USD. However, the increase and costs RUB, given the constant increase in tariffs for transportation and electricity. In particular, the indexation of tariffs for railway was 24% since the beginning of 2015. This situation has had little impact on the financial activity of «Rusal». The company suspended the closure of unprofitable industries and held investments in modernization. At the same time in the last 3 months the cost of aluminum has dropped to the level of 200 USD / ton.

The company «RUSAL» did not hide his own interest in the development of the internal market. On her part, is actively working with domestic consumers by building a constructive dialogue. Today launched a program aimed at the reduction of prices for the Russian consumer. It provides for a discount, depending on the timing of shipments and the volume of orders. Also plays a significant role and availability of innovative factor. Basically, the program is designed to develop and support the domestic aluminum consumer. Taken into account and the ability to enhance the import of foreign analogues.

The company is considering the conditions of the new contracts, which would meet the interests of all participants. Moreover, it is desirable not only to maintain an existing level of output, but also to achieve expansion. The main factor reducing the use of domestic aluminum, is the increase in the volume of imported low-quality aluminum products. In the case of the government taking a complex stimulus, the Russian manufacturers will be able to build a high-tech export capacity and competitiveness.

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