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"Electrozink" in 2014 complied with the established plan

2014 became for the plant included in the chain of UMMC enterprises «Electrozink» quite successful. In accordance with the set-up of the company produced 54.711 million tons of zinc, accounting for 100.01%. There was also made ​​on lead plan, «Electrozink» produced 13.848 million tons, accounting for 100.62%. The net profit of the plant in 2014 — excluding exchange rate differences — was 190 million RUB… This figure is 100 million. RUB exceeds the result of 2013. According to Igor Khadyka, general director of the company, «Electrozink» reached the planned results. Thus were born all the technical and economic indicators of the use of energy resources.

Igor Khadyka believes that the result has been made possible thanks to strict compliance with the established plan. His points included the savings of material resources and reduction of production costs. «Electrozink» managed to reduce costs in a number of indicators. On electric power alone the company was able to save about 65 mln. RUB. Eugene Poroshin, Director of Economics and Planning, provided the data by which the profits «Electrozink» sales in 2014 reached 154 million. RUB. This plan assumed sales of 16 million. RUB. Accounts payable «Electrozink» could be reduced by 82 million. RUB.

Experts «Nyrstar NV», the world leader in the production of zinc, it is believed that the value of the metal in 2015 will increase. The price increase will be due to the closure at the end of this year «Century» Australian mine. Its production capacity is 500 000 tonnes. According to the executive director of the company in Belgium there comes a time when the market of metals and concentrates will begin to feel the shortage. And this deficit will have a significant impact on the growth of the cost of zinc. If at the beginning of this year, according to the expectations of experts concentrates market will receive sufficient volumes of supplies, the mine closure will radically change the situation.

Already, the price of zinc increased by 6% compared to the prices in 2014 as a result of speculation. Taking into account that some mines were closed, the supply falls short of demand. Stocks at LME warehouses noticeably exhausted, since 2010 the lowest level. At the same time there is a high demand for galvanized products. Release of galvanized steel sheet reached record levels against the background of increased consumption in the automotive, construction and other sectors.

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