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Trimet Aluminium commissioned vertical casting line

Trimet Aluminium, whose main activity is the production of primary aluminum, begins production of ingots, intended for rolling. This project will be implemented by the French company Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. Tests of the new line of vertical casting lasted for several months. At the moment, the plant put into operation a line of vertical casting, coming at the same time at full capacity. The annual volume of production of 60 000 tons, while the assortment has considerably extended. Annual production capacity of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne is 145 000 tons of primary aluminum, not taking into account the production of aluminum rod.

Trimet Aluminium Company acquired the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in conjunction with the plant located near Castelsarrasin in 2013. After that, the main goal of the company was the withdrawal of the acquired businesses at full capacity. Start a new line — a rather important step for Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.

Another promising project the German company — the use of electrolytic cells instead of virtual. The underlying idea is that the production of one ton of primary aluminum involves the use of about 14 MW * hour of electricity. Its cost in this case is about 500 EURO. within 25% of metal production by changing the speed of the plant «Essen» Trimet Aluminium specialists are working on the possibility of varying the power consumption. Surplus electric current company can realize on the open market. As Herbert Hawk believes director Trimet Aluminium for energy supply, in case of success after the mandatory experimental plant will be able to store over 48 hours of the order of 3,360 thousand. * MW hours of electricity. This amount is enough to supply electricity to 300,000 homes throughout the day.

According to Marian Klobasa, is a specialist in the field of «smart» electricity grids at the Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, the application of the production process as a virtual battery — quite an interesting idea. In the case of energy market volatility rise this project will not only be commercially viable, but also cost-effective.

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