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«Rio Tinto» sums up the results of 2014

The leader in the mining industry, the international company «Rio Tinto» summed up the results of work over the past year. According to a press release provided, bauxite decreased by 3% compared to figures of 2013, which amounted to 41,871,000. Tons. Extraction of copper ore — pure metal — increased by 4%, which amounted to 603.1 thousand tons… Primary aluminum production decreased by 1%, to the level of 3.361 million. Tons. The result is quite impressive, considering the plant stop «Shawinigan» and partial production downtime «Kitimat» at the expense of modernization. 8 companies companies that provide 54% of the total amount produced by «Rio Tinto» aluminum reached record levels by the level of loading.

I grew up iron ore production reaching a record $ 295.4 million. Tons. This figure exceeds the 2013 results by 11%. As the accounting data for the period October-December, the volume of the resulting iron ore increased by 12% year on year, which amounted to 79.1 million. Tons. This figure exceeds the results of the third quarter by 3%.

The company increased the volume of ore shipped by 17%, reaching a record level for the year to 302.6 million. Tons. In October-December had increased by 13% compared to the same period of 2013, which amounted to 82.2 million. Tons. Regarding the third quarter results improved by 5%. Equally significant results have been achieved by building the capacity of Australian mines to 290 million. Tons / year. The company plans to invest 2 billion. USD into the Indian iron ore project, implemented in the state Odishi. Another project in Madhya Pradesh focused on diamond mining. In his company is going to invest about 0.5 billion. USD. However, the projects are still frozen, because «Rio Tinto» are still awaiting approval from the environmental authorities. In the near future the company plans to obtain permission from the environmental protection agencies of the environment and forestry. Director General of «Rio Tinto», Sam Walsh, for six months held a series of meetings with the Prime Minister, discussing the possibility of these projects.

Another project last year — the sale of coal assets in Mozambique. The buyer was an Indian state company «International Coal Ventures». The deal amounted to 108 million. USD.

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