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Crude steel production in the CIS countries decreased

World Steel, the World Steel Association, has published data on the melting of steel in the CIS countries. According to these production figures for November 2014 decreased by 3.9% compared to the result of 2013. The main factor that influenced the volume of steel production, has been a sharp reduction in production capacity in the Ukraine. The volume of steel produced in Belarus increased by more than 47.1%, which amounted to 224 000 tonnes in November, 2014. Indicators in November 2013 when it amounted to 152 000 tonnes. During the same period, Moldova produced 29,000 tons. Volumes, melted in Kazakhstan, reached the level of 339 000 tons, which is 1.5% higher than the 2013 performance year, amounting to 334,000 tons. Russia for November 2014 produced a whole 5,840 million. Tons of crude steel. This result is higher than the same period of 2013 by 5.8%, when production amounted to 5.521 million. Tons. In Ukraine, a decrease of production capacity in November 2014. In general, production volumes have decreased to the level of 1.822 million. Tons. Last year, the figures were higher by 28.6%, amounting to 2.553 million. Tons of metal. Uzbekistan also marked the decline of 0.8% in November 2014.

In general, according to the World Steel production became the EU in November decreased by 0.8% compared to last year. High November results showed Germany. Metallurgical German companies produced 3.599 million. Tons / month. However, it is lower by 1.9% last year, when production rates in November were 3.668 million. Tons. Croatia has reached a minimum of steel production. Production volumes of crude steel production decreased by 29.6% in November 2014, which was 10 000 tonnes. In November of last year's figures for November were 14 000 tonnes.

France, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and other EU countries mentioned production growth year on year. The highest rate showed Hungary. Volumes in this country crude steel exceeded the results of the same period last year more than 60% in 2014. Cumulative production volume in the leading EU producers was as follows: 7.9 Poland, Belgium 2.6 France 3.7 Netherlands 4.3 United Kingdom 3.6.

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