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ChTPZ project entered the top thirty best

The new project ChTPZ — development of innovative technologies and the experimental setup — provided to increase the durability and strength of the pipe fittings OCTG. This project is named one of the 30ti best works submitted for the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of R. F. The competition was held as part of the federal target program «Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014 — 2020 years.» For its implementation provided for financial support from the state budget.

Investments needed for the realization of the project amount to 31 million. RUB. 80% of that amount will come from the state, 20% will be invested ChTPZ. LLC «ChTPZ-Engineering» and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation signed an agreement regulating the implementation of the necessary research. As a result of their conduct will create a new method of forming a thread. It is made by a process of plastic deformation. Final processing involves the use of ultrasound. At this stage, the product will receive additional durability and strength. Implementation of the project will bring ChTPZ Group to a leading position, as this technology has not yet been applied. If successful innovation will be introduced on the division of ChTPZ enterprises GK «Riemer».

According to Vitaly Sadykov, General Director of ChTPZ Group conducted activities aimed at the development of innovative technologies. Also, the group ChTPZ takes an active part in the target federal programs. This group of projects supported at the state level. This proves once again the importance of research value. Another activity — development of welding technology of pipe joints of large diameter pipes with a laser.

In late December, the Chelyabinsk plant sent a batch of large diameter pipes, the volume of which amounted to 4800 tonnes, intended for the construction of high pressure gas pipeline at Chelyabinsk GRES. In accordance with the terms of the agreement to be made and shipped low-alloy steel tubes with a diameter of 1020 mm side ChTPZ for August-December 2014 for JSC «Gazmontazh». The thickness of the wall of the product is 10 mm, on the surface of the product applied 3hsloynoe anticorrosion coating. LDP will be used for the construction of high pressure gas pipeline.

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