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"Norilsk Nickel" expects to get back its shares

«Norilsk Nickel» is considering on buying a proportion of its shares. The corporate war that erupted between Rusal and Interros 5 years ago due to the buy back, calmed down in 2013. To date, the redemption of shares is a way of maintaining quotations of «Norilsk Nickel». In this case the main point of a shareholders' agreement regarding the payment of significant dividends will not be revised, even in the case of a crisis of the economic situation.

Vladimir Potanin, has provided information on the possibility of redemption of shares after the commissioning of the 1st start-up complex of the Talnakh enrichment plant. At the same time the details of CEO chose to remain silent, specifying only the time of redemption of securities market for small amounts. According to him, at the moment there is not any decision regarding the redemption of shares. However, Vladimir Potanin does not deny that the leadership holds consultations on the subject with the banks and shareholders.

It is understood that the buy back will support the cost of the «Norilsk Nickel». According to the General Director of MMC are not appreciated, so it will repurchase shares on the market quotations of a positive impact. The transaction will become a measure of the reliability of shares «Norilsk Nickel». By the way, the company is not the first time their buys the same stock. In 2008 it was acquired 8% of the shares in the amount of 3−3.5 bln. USD. During the period from 2010 to 2012, MMC in three phases bought 16.94% of shares of a total value of 9 billion. USD.

It is believed that there is an alternative Buy back dividends, helping to distribute between the shareholders of the company's profits. For the «Norilsk Nickel» repurchase shares up to the present moment is a tool in the corporate war RUSAL and Interros, which owns 27.8% and 30.3% respectively. After the peace agreement was a joint decision on the allocation of «Norilsk Nickel» profit through dividends. While there is no plan for the payment of dividends under review, as the company's financial position is stable enough. On the same level are access to foreign capital and investment rating. However, MMC will not compensate for the losses incurred on the exchange rate difference in the payment of dividends for 9meschny period last year. In October, the recommended charging constituted 2.8 bln. USD. In December, upon the payment of dividends has fallen to the level of 2.2 billion USD.

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