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Japan reduced the production of stainless steel

In October, the major Japanese companies produced 287,192 tons of stainless steel. This figure is 5.7% lower than the results of last month, when the volume of stainless steel amounted to 304,514 tons. Compared to last year same period — 305 891 tonnes — production fell by 6.1%. In October, the production volumes of some Japanese enterprises increased month on month results. However, certain companies in the same period launched the adjustment of production, which affected the production is not the best way. In particular, the company «Chiba Works of JFE Steel Corporation» has reduced production volumes. Also, to reduce stainless steel production affected the annual scheduled maintenance at the enterprises. It is expected to further decline in production volumes with respect to the October figures.

Stainless steel manufacturers in Japan are beginning to consider an agreement on the supply of stainless steel sheets in February 2015. Given the stabilization of the domestic market, Japanese manufacturers have set more aggressively. In addition, the Japanese yen depreciated, and the negotiations will figure the price of products at the level of 2500−2550 USD / ton.

In China, the level of production of stainless steel will increase by 8% next year. One of the factors affecting a cost of nickel in the industry. In the process of negotiations in Shanghai, principal analyst «Baosteel Stainless Steel Co» assessed the prospects of the stainless steel market. The data presented in the report were based on estimates of the demand for Chinese stainless production abroad and inside the country. Domestic demand will reduce the rate, but the growth will continue. The demand for stainless steel in China will be about 15.8 million. Tons, with growth of 6.6% since 2010. In the near future on the stainless steel sharp changes in the market it is not planned.

Consumption of stainless steel in China's per capita more than in the EU and North America. However, compared to Taiwan by Chinese consumption demand has to go. The greatest potential in this industry belongs to the use of steel structures and structural products. The demand for stainless steel from foreign customers has a positive effect on the volume of Chinese exports. But the anti-dumping duties largely slows down the process.

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