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The cost of aluminum in the 1st quarter of 2015 to increase

The news about the increase in the cost of aluminum on the London Stock Exchange is considered to be confidential, and received from the source, who refused to identify themselves. According to these data the price of light metal will increase during the January-March 2015. Japanese consumers the promised cost growth is not confused, despite the possible inaccuracy of the information. The volume of purchased aluminum products will increase. In the first quarter of the new year the premium for aluminum in Japan will amount to USD 425 value on the LME, which is a record. In 2014, Japan's premium increased by 71% due to lower production capacity of aluminum industry leaders. In particular, significantly reduced the production of the Russian company RUSAL and American steel company Alcoa. According to analysts the company «Marubeni Corp», in 2015, demand for aluminum products will increase by 387 000 tonnes. In 2016, consumption will exceed production by 872 thousand tons.

«Toyota» Japanese aluminum market is experiencing a definite upturn thanks to the company. Japanese automotive industry leader informed about the upcoming use of aluminum as a basis for the production of cars.

Aluminum producing companies in Japan in 2014 increased their purchase of a light metal, in accordance with the supply agreements, and based on the economic policy of Prime Minister Abe.

According to data provided by the Japan Aluminium Association, the volume of imports of aluminum increased by 15% over the 10mesyachny period last year, which amounted to 1.7 mln. Tons. According to the same report, the world of light metal consumption increased by 5.6% over 10 months compared to the same period of 2013. As for production, it increased by 3.5% in 2014. In 2015, production will continue to increase the pace, however, consumption will increase even more rapidly. Accordingly, it should be expected growth deficit.

According to experts Norsk Hydro, in 2015, demand for aluminum will increase by 5−6% in the global market with respect to 2014. During the period 2014−2024 the demand for aluminum — excluding China — will grow by 3−4%. The October figures aluminum smelting in 2014 increased by 147 000 tonnes compared to October of 2013, reaching a level of 4.137 million. Tons. Compared with September 2014, production volumes increased by 102 000 tonnes.

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