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Merry Christmas!

Christmas special celebration that unites people and gives hope for a better future. This is a holiday of peace, light and love, celebration, which is usually celebrated with family and among his closest friends. Since ancient times it was believed that the heavens are disclosed in the Christmas season. They fulfill cherished desires with the condition that they do not carry the evil itself. Customs Christmas night formed over the centuries. This tree and gifts, carols and fortune-telling, traditional kutia and signs that determine the coming year. They say he will be what will be Christmas. And this will take even now believe. Because it is not surprising to meet the desire of people is a triumph in the welfare, prosperity and love for the generous table. According to legends on the table should be 12 meatless dishes. It is a kind of guarantee of prosperity in the house next year. And, of course, no quarrels on this day.

In many countries it is Christmas holiday state. But first of all it is one of the most important Christian dates. Celebrate it can be different, but the roots of the Christmas festivities are common. It was Christmas day, people rejoice appearance of Jesus Christ.

On this day I want to wish us all the best of luck in the new year, happiness and financial well-being. More faith and hope for the best, love and warmth.

What do you wish the Christmas Holiday?
Love and faith in the magic of life!
And a full cup will become his father's house,
Success let eternally therein.
Let the family lives in prosperity,
Do not leave the faithful friends.
Broad way you beat a fortune,
And the parties will bypass the bad weather.

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