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Production began in 2014. compared to 2013. increased

International Stainless Steel Forum has published statistics for the period 2014 9mesyachny. According to them leading indicators for the production of stainless steel increased by 8.9% relative to the indicators of 2013. Total production for the specified time amounted to 30.90 mln. Tons. During the same period last year production volumes reached a level of 25.15 million. Tons. In the three quarter 2014, production rates in Western Europe fell by more than 20%. In Eastern and Central Europe results in decreased QoQ by 2.3%. Production of stainless steel in China fell by 4.8%. In Asia — excluding China — there was a decline in the production figures of 2.5%.

In the Central and Eastern Europe over the period 9mesyachny production figures increased. Volumes of stainless steel products, manufactured in the South American and North American regions increased by 15% to reach 2.097 million. Tons. Production volumes in China reached the level of 16,022,000. Tons, an increase of 9 months by 13%. Asian countries, apart from China, have increased output by 1.9%. Production figures of the African region and in Western Europe increased by 4.8% year on year.

Meanwhile, supplied by Taiwan and China stainless steel products, continues to threaten the internal EU market. As the impact of the measures the European Union has given an order to register the customs representatives questionable imports of stainless steel. The investigation involves two stages. The first involves finding the presence of sales of flat cold-rolled products at prices lower than the prices of the domestic market. The second stage sees the existence of any state subsidies granted to Chinese importers and trade-distorting. If the violations are taking place, to be introduced retroactively required fees.

These measures are intended to maintain the competitiveness of products manufactured by EU producers — Thyssen Krup AG, Arecelor Mittal. Tax duties are imposed on imported stainless steel, sold at prices below the cost and installation of dumping. The Commission's work began with 26.06.2014g investigation regarding the availability of subsidies has been opened, the 08/14/2014

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