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On the "Rusal" plants will be installed domestic equipment

The combined company «RUSAL» launched a new program. Its main goal — to import substitution of special equipment for aluminum production. The company plans, calculated up to 2020, the installation of 180 units of new manufacturing techniques. At the same time in the «Rusal» enterprises projected full refusal of further use of imported analogues. The program is conducted on the basis of further reduction of investments in the purchase of manufacturing equipment and its subsequent maintenance. For an introduction to the life of the installation is considered an opportunity to create their own competitive hi-tech equipment.

the development and establishment of specialized equipment project is carried out in 2012 Krasnoyarsk-based ISD «Rusal». Experts of the company together with Russian designers have developed 10 types of specialized equipment. Its resources suggest the presence of 15 000 operating hours. Developments include the establishment of trucks to transport the aluminum anode paste briquettes, equipment for punching electrolyte crust, banners anode frame and distribution of alumina.

This year, the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant was awarded 13 units of processing equipment, designed and manufactured directly «Rusal». Next year the company plans to supply the enterprise division of about 20 of its own dedicated machine. New equipment will be sent to the SAZ, NkAZ, KrAZ, BrAZ. Earlier, a leading provider of equipment for the «Rusal» was the Dutch company «Hencon». Now, the company's management intends to abandon the supply of data. In general, the economic effect of using its own equipment amounted to more than a half million. USD considering reducing its maintenance costs.

Vladislav Soloviev, CEO, says that the characteristics of the art of «Rusal» is not worse than the foreign leading products. At the same time domestic equipment costs less than the price of analog equipment by 40%. If we consider a batch production, the price is reduced by half. With further development of the project will be able to organize their own production. It will provide not only more jobs in the regions, but will need to refine aluminum technology enterprises.

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