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Steelmakers raise prices

Survival of the fittest — this principle seems to have decided to follow the Russian metallurgists. In making its own contribution to the Russian inflation, they talk about the rise in prices. Rental price in the domestic market will grow by 15−30%. This unfortunate fact has been notified manufacturers of motor vehicles and cars. In response, they also promise to raise the price of their products by 15−20%.

This year, the price of rolled metal products for railcar increased by 26−28%. By adding the promised rise in price, the increase will amount to 35%. In this case there is no apparent reason for this rise. At an annual rate raw materials fell in price, and transport costs at the same level. The result of unjustified price increase could be stopping car-building industry, which is already critically endangered. The increase in the cost of cars will affect the cost of transportation.

Notifications about the growth of the cost of since the beginning of 2015 of certain types of rolled metal products by an average of 15% were sent out in November. The growth of prices for their products have reported MMK, «Severstal», NLMK and other steel companies. This increase in the future is not the first. In November and December, prices rose by 15−20%. According to the head «Infoline-Analitika», Mikhail Burmistrov, the state of affairs has affected decrease in value of the metal. On the foreign market has decreased by 15−20% over the last six months. Basil Jam, head of the «Association of railcar», believes that the need for a complaint has ripened in the Federal Antimonopoly Service R. F. Representatives of the FAS refused to comment on the situation. And representatives of NLMK's claim that long-term contracts with a fixed value of the company with the railcar is not available. Upon receipt of the request is a proposal in accordance with the current price list.

Representatives of the auto corporations — like wagon builders — already faced with a new price list. On average, cars list will grow in price by 30%. MMK and «Severstal» for today are the main sources of supply for the automotive industry. Such a rapid rise in prices disastrous impact on the industry. And without coming price increase in January-November 2014 sales of cars in Russia fell by 11.6%. As a result, the initial rise in price of raw materials will increase the price of cars by 15−20%.

Collaboration automotive and metallurgists conducted according to the formula value, consistently over 4 years ago. It includes the dynamics of prices for raw materials, the export value of goods and macroeconomic components.

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