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Subsidiary corporation Anglo American, Anglo American Michiquillay, the Peruvian government has put before the fact of a unilateral termination of the Agreement. It is a contract for the implementation of the «Michiquilla» copper project, concluded in 2007. At present, Anglo American Michiquillay going to proceed with the necessary legal processes that accompany withdrawal from the project. This decision was taken under the influence of the more complicated economic situation. Anglo American is focused on the growth and profitability of the structure of the asset portfolio. The project is «Michiquilla» in this respect is for the company interest. According Vanblada Duncan, General Director of Anglo American's Base Metals & Minerals, Michiquilla field quite promising, but the corporation is not going to invest its development. This Anglo American is not going to leave the country. In the southern part of Peru continues to implement the project Quellaveco copper mining.

Corporation Mitsubishi Materials, one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of copper, entered into a long-term agreement on the supply of copper concentrate from the Mongolian mining complex Oyu Tolgoi. The signed contract provides for the supply of copper concentrate in the volume of 5000 tonnes on an experimental basis. This agreement is the result of the efforts of Mitsubishi, to diversify its own raw material base. The Mitsubishi responsibilities include delivery of the concentrate to metallurgical production Naoshima. To date, the volume of imported Mitsubishi raw materials in the order of 1 million. tons.

Zaharovskaya mine ores efforts proved Sibnedr put up for sale. The field area of ​​1.2 square kilometers located in the Altai region, 27 km from Rubtsovsk. The starting price is 147 mln. RUB. According to the presented data, for the auction, deposit assets amount to 57.3 thousand. Tons of copper, 170.5 tons of silver, 1.4 tonnes of gold and 161.9 ths. Tons of lead. In 2006−2012 gg. subsoil belonged to the company «Kosstoun». This company has developed a mining project, it also initiated the driving of mines. The company was deprived of the right to use before a specified period, for unknown reasons.

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