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NLMK Group opens new offices

Wishing to strengthen its position in the Brazilian market, the Russian leader in the production of steel, NLMK Group, plans to open its own sales office in São Paulo. Also, representatives of groups say the opening of Brazil's Department of Logistics. The new offices will allow NLMK to take a strong position not only in Brazil but also in the South American markets.

The Brazilian branch of NLMK is engaged in manufacturing high-strength wear-resistant steel premium, used by manufacturers of mining and construction equipment. This steel can improve environmental performance and manufactured products by reducing the weight of parts. This provides a high structural strength. In addition, the company plans to supply special plates. They are made ​​from high-strength steel used for the production of cranes, trailers and equipment for the power industry.

Today NLMK continues to negotiate with the North and South American engineering companies. This is a long-term supply of stainless steel plates. We have already concluded an agreement regarding the supply of steel Quard 450 for the American leader in the production of wear-resistant machine parts. Basically, this technique is used in the mining industry and the construction sector, as parts are used in agricultural machinery.

According to Ilya Gushchin, Vice President of NLMK's sales, now in Brazil there is only one producer of steel plates, similar to the Group's products. As for the growing demand, it is covered by imported products. NLMK is able to provide a decent Brazilian engineering competitiveness through the supply of high-quality steel components.

World stainless steel output increased by 8.9% over the period 10mesyachny the year (annualized), which amounted to 30.9 million. Tons. According to the International Stainless Steel Forum production growth was observed in all regions — with the exception of Eastern and Central Europe. In these regions, production fell by 1%, the production volume 9mesyachny thus amounted to 213 million. Tons. Performance in Western Europe increased by 4.8% to reach 5.958 billion. Tons. stainless steel production in Asia — excluding China — increased na1,9% to 6.611 billion tonnes.

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