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Metallurgists should be congratulated not only on their professional holiday

The original meaning of «Metallurgy» is the art of extracting metals from ore. Indeed, metallurgy profession — is an art and a science, control and subjugate the elements of fire, dangerous and hard work. And it's very, very important.

Modern society can hardly be imagined without iron and steel products. And the production and consumption of metals in the world market is increasing day by day. Over the past two decades, the annual consumption of the metal has doubled. Metals of the 21st century are the basis of materials of construction, with no peers in virtually all areas of application.

During the year, the global consumer uses about 800 million. Tons of metal. The production of aluminum, copper, lead and zinc are measured in millions of tons per year; magnesium, nickel, titanium, tungsten, molybdenum — thousands of tons. Measured in tons annual production of tellurium, selenium, platinum and gold kilograms — osmium and iridium. Considering the statistics, are aware of the importance of the profession of metallurgy, because to them, as Atlanta holds the world.

The last year was quite heavy for the steel industry and the representatives of the profession. However, there is always hope for the best. We believe that 2015 will be more successful for this sector — and metallurgists.

Nickel and steel, aluminum and copper …
And various alloys are not considered in the furnace —
After all, working steadfastly in the hot shop
Those ore burn in furnaces.
From 2015 m to congratulate you,
Excellent health, we wish you,
And let the production flows and boils,
A home love reigns forever.

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