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Steelmakers, Happy New Year!

What metallurgy? This is the art of getting the metal out of the ore, the ability of its smelting and processing. Having started its life with a simple copper smelting in the VII-V millennium BC, modern metallurgy involves many processes. To date, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy is the basis for the entire industry, since its products are used in almost all spheres. And that steelmakers from day to day building a strong foundation for the construction of other sectors of the economy.

Job metallurgist has never been easy. This work is at the limit of capacity, close contact with the fire element that requires a fair amount of fortitude. It is difficult to imagine a modern society without metal, because metal humanity necessary as air. From it are made products and products without which the modern world is impossible.

Of course, metallurgists have their professional holiday. Each Metallurgist Day is celebrated on a grand scale, this is a truly significant date. But is there a lot of good? In the New Year we wish metallurgists patience and calm self-confidence, good health required for quality work. Undoubtedly, the financial well-being and secure the rear.

Happy New Year from the heart we congratulate hurry

Metallurgists, Steelworkers, all employees with the metal.

For the commitment to work for the metal that you give

For character and disposition for work and will rafting!

Flows let metal, like lava, metallurgists — honor and glory!

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