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Kazakhstan is organizing the production of ferrosilicon

According to data provided by KazTAG in Aksu of Pavlodar region. ferrosilicon issue will be organized. Construction involves two stages. On the ground will be created ferroalloy production. The cost of the first phase will amount to 136.7 million. USD, the implementation will take approximately 2.5 years after approval. The second phase includes the construction and launch of metallurgical complex. According to preliminary calculations, it will produce whole-castings in quantities of 500 000−620 000 tonnes. At this point, it needs to invest about 181.8 million. USD. According to the director of production, Anatoly Martynyuk, for the moment made the organization infrastructure. Investments thus amounted to 5 million. USD. Subsequently, the project envisages the production of rolled products using its own blanks.

A. Martyniuk suggests that 30% of the company's products will be supplied to the domestic market. The remaining 70%, he expects to send its exports to China, Russia and Iran. Currently in Kazakhstan there is no production of ferrosilicon. metallurgical sector manufacturers buy the product in Ukraine and Russia. Chelyabinsk alone takes up about 60% of the CIS market. The project is now at the stage of preparation for the state examination. At the same time you prepare a feasibility study of the second stage of the enterprise, electric smelting department. The project participated in the program for the development and industrialization of the company towns of Aksu. However, the development of the project and determining its effect on the environment designers have relied on the climatic conditions of Kostanay region. This discrepancy has led to public discontent. As a result, data recalculation was made, which for the year of production emissions reached 117 tons.

Another major project in Kazakhstan, ferroalloy enterprise JSC «TNK Kazchrome», still not working at full capacity. According to Mr. Thiel, president of the plant, planned capacity will be reached in the first half of 2015. The old production with the working staff of 2,200 planned stop during commissioning of the new plant. However, the old company to address the management will continue to work for some time. Who JSC «TNK Kazchrome» practiced technical processes. On 1st furnace produced the first 4,000 tons of high-carbon ferrochrome.

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