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"Severstal" makes annual reconstruction activities

Focused on the production of rolled pipe rolling shop № 3 Cherepovets Steel Mill, part of the «Russian Steel», finished the autumn overhaul, which closed the last stage of the annual maintenance program in 2014 for the site enterprises. As a result of the repair activities included in the full cycle of the overhaul, the third rolling plant work was carried out on the main technological areas of the complex — renovated mechanisms of thermal, heating, methodical furnaces, parts cutting line, repaired rolling mill-5000 broadband equipment.

IPM also produced annual repairs, spending a vast range of activities, which included the installation deovalizatora intended to correct the oval tube expander adjustment and improvement of the molding press. Planned work performed by experts of «Severstal-services to industry," included in «Severstal Russian Steel», and employees key areas Izhora plant and the Cherepovets plant.

According to Vitaly Motorina, director of manufacturing pipe rolled «Severstal», the annual overhaul extends the lifespan of the equipment and increase its reliability, as well as ensure the timely production and shipment of products according to customers' orders. Vadim Germany, director for the repair of «Severstal», reporting on the work, said that a number of activities have been completed ahead of schedule — in particular, the mill-5000 repair was accelerated not less than 72 hours.

In addition to repair Cherepovets plant put into operation an automated system to facilitate the separation of the slag in the production of converter steel and mounted on existing converters. Despite the relatively high cost of the order of 38 million. RUB, the equipment will pay for itself, allowing you to reduce production costs. Work system is to identify the presence of slag in the production of steel, and to minimize the amount of contaminants reduces the time required for secondary treatment, and saves ferroalloys consumption used to produce products with the desired chemical composition. Sergei Toropov, is CEO of «Severstal», has provided data showing lower costs for 8 months of the current year at 1.2 billion. RUB.

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