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"Severstal" modernizing production facilities

«Severstal» company continues to modernize Cherepoveytskogo Steel Plant, one of the world leaders in the production of steel — this time an agreement was reached regarding the supply of roll equipment for processing rolls of the rolling mill. Purchase of new machines intended for external machining of rolls is carried out in the framework of the investment project on the technical re-equipment of the rolling mill 4hkletevogo. The new, fully automated machinery ensures precise adherence to tolerances, high-quality exterior finish, fitted with monitoring systems and patented completely reliable in operation. Investment in the project for the acquisition of machines around 4 million. EURO, and overall costs planned for the mill upgrading, reached the mark of 2 billion. RUB.

According to Denis Uymanova, head of the planning and logistics of production «Severstal Russian Steel», the reconstruction of the camp is conducted taking into account both market demand and the needs of potential customers. According to guarantee the stated hardware vendor annual design capacity at full load will be 1.3 million tons. This figure is higher than the performance provided by the equipment to the reconstruction of 200 thousand tons.

The planned activities technical upgrading 4hkletevogo mill includes the dismantling and subsequent assembly, installation and start-up equipment. But the main supplier of technology and co-ordinator in terms of detailed and basic engineering is the company «SMS Siemag AG», an agreement which was signed by «Severstal» in April of this year. Under the arrangement, the first shipment of equipment will be made in April next year. Tender concerning the supply of roll equipment is carried out in the framework of the mill conversion program, shipping the machine according to preliminary calculations it will be done in the 4 th quarter of 2015 and the beginning of the operation will be in the first half of 2016.

And the company «Severstal Steel Solutions», part of the division «Severstal Russian Steel» signed a contract for the delivery of steel structures for construction of production of «Bridgestone», the total amount of which exceeds 2.6 thous. Tons.

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