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World production and production of copper grows

Global warming is a natural threat to Chilean glaciers in the Andes, but the human factor exerts its negative influence — along with warming the glacier threatens the expansion of the state copper mine. World leader in the production of copper, the company «Codelco», developed the project, which costs 6.8 billion. USD, aimed at expansion of the mine «Andina». Experts also believe the proposed plan quite controversial. The final word rests with the environmental authorities, which will decide the fate of about 26 glaciers, to determine the possibility of expanding the mine. The problem is that the glaciers that could be affected in the process of expansion of copper production, supplying drinking water to the local population in the amount of 6 million. Inhabitants of Santiago.

Activists initially protesting against the mine development, believe that in the event of the company's authorization for the project all the glaciers of the region will be destroyed. Protest action was supported by more than 2,000 people, appearing on the shaft in order to stop the destruction, but such measures are unlikely to stop the company's management from the destruction of glaciers. The project is «Codelco» provides for the removal of surface of rock in order to get to a certain subterranean formation containing copper ore. Activists believe that the result of such operations would be the formation of large masses of dust, which pollute more than 20 glaciers in the region. In contrast to the opinion of activists «Codelco» experts said that the company conducted a study on the basis of which the governments have recognized the possibility of implementing the project without compromising purity even adjacent to mine ice, and even more so for distant objects.

The Pavlodar region is also expanding production of copper — recently opened a plant for the smelting of the red metal, built under the state program FIID. Production plant commissioned by «Eurasia Copper Operating», investments amounted to about 2.1 billion. Tenge. Production processes at the new plant are carried out for new technologies that enable energy savings almost in half, and also eliminates the harmful atmospheric emissions. The purity of the product is melted with 99.9%.

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