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Combine "Uralelectromed" finished overhaul of blast furnace

Overhaul of one of the main metallurgical units «Uralelectromed» plant, which is part of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company — a shaft furnace — was completed by experts before the scheduled time. In general, the repair work the unit had spent 26 days, while the repair was carried out around the clock, without stopping production. The main works were focused on metal also made coffered replacement components and furnace shaft, the outer and inner lining of the hearth with a change in the course of the overhaul made installation of new gas lines.

According to Alexei Sobolev, the head of «polymetallic production» metallurgical plant, in the process of repairing the most attention was paid to strengthening kilotoustoychivosti flues systems. The result was a replacement for the standard and quite expensive acid-resistant bricks on innovative materials developed and used as a protection against corrosion of metal structures — in particular, we are talking about a special resin, which in 2013 was used in the repair of the third blast furnace to the flue system and has proved to the best hand. The technology is applied in alternating layers of fiberglass mat and resin to form eventually a smooth coating that is resistant to aggressive environments.

Repair of furnace can be attributed to more large-scale annual event, held in the «production of polymetallic» «Uralelectromed» with the participation of more than 200 workers from different departments — road transport, metallurgical, maintenance and management of test and measurement equipment.

In July, the specialists of «Uralelectromed» have replaced the main technological bath in hot-dip galvanizing department. Previously installed equipment has been used for the past 8 ½ years, completely exhausting the operational limit for the period were galvanized around 250 000 tonnes of metal constructions. The new equipment — as well as old — produced by the German company and is made of carbon-steel, high manganese content which increases the wear resistance under high temperature conditions during use. In addition to replacement of the bath in the shop carry out the verification of crane equipment, carried out repairs kiln, fired replacement sleeves dust and gas cleaning installations and other works.

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