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"RUSAL" predicts aluminum deficit

According to analysts of the Russian Corporation «Rusal» in 2015 we can expect global aluminum deficit in the amount of 1.3 million tons -. It is this figure, according to Vladislav Soloviev, First Deputy General Director of the company, will be the determining factor in pricing. Vladimir Solovyov, who took office in April 2010, I am confident in the presence of aluminum deficit in the amount of 1.5 mln. Tons by the end of this year, and the lack of light metal will last until 2017, making an exception only for the PRC.

In August this year the company reported a profit for the first time the presence of the past five quarters, with the representatives of the company expressed hope the positive outlook regarding the cost of production, at which greatly affects the increasing demand from automotive manufacturers and reduced volume of deliveries outside China. A little earlier, «Rusal» has completed the restructuring of debt of $ 5.15 billion. USD, covering the necessary payments before the start of 2016. In order to cover the ever-increasing «RUSAL» aluminum consumption estimates the possibility of a joint project with the Chinese aluminum, «Chalco» Corporation held in Eastern Siberia and designed for the medium term.

Representatives of the Russian Corporation announced that by the end of this year, «RUSAL», despite the steady increase in the cost of the light metal, does not intend to increase capacity utilization. According to preliminary estimates for the period from July to December, «Rusal» will limit the total volume of metal production to the level of 1.8 mln. Tons, which is less than 80% of the potential volume. In addition, the corporation is ready to monitoring the economic feasibility of production. To this end, in the first half of 2014, «Rusal» liquidated a number of inefficient and high-cost enterprises, announcing at the same time, it is not going to carry out a restart idled capacity, and also to make the expansion of existing production facilities. On this wave of forced Boguchansky suspended the launch of the enterprise, since there are difficulties with the commissioning of new machines and equipment.

Specialists of «Rusal» believe that the price of aluminum will remain relatively high until the end of the year and the positive impact on the profitability of the company. Thus practically all world manufacturers of light metal are in no hurry to increase production volumes.

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