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The company "Electrozink" conducts overhaul

The plant, which is part of UMMC metallurgical complex «Electrozink» stopped the main divisions of the zinc production enterprises to carry out the previously planned overhaul of technological equipment. Previously, it was stipulated end date of repair — work must be finished until 16.09.2014 The funds invested in the project, expected to be about 47 million RUB… The main purpose of the repair is carried out by setting up a stable safe operation of zinc production enterprises. Scheduled preventive steps leading to all the central sites, have a positive impact on labor safety and improvement in environmental terms.

According to Dmitry Binder, chief engineer of the plant, the main work will be conducted in the sulfuric acid workshop, mainly to improve the drying and absorption department. Also overhaul will affect the electrolyte, and calcined vyschelachivalny shop, some changes will veltstseha. Modernization of production and repair work at the plant will mainly produce workers repair services «Electrozink» for the production of specialized works is planned to attract contractors. According to Dmitry Binder, the successful implementation of the repair process is a guarantee of continued stable operation of zinc production as the result of work done would be to improve working conditions and the environmental situation in the company.

Overhaul to be carried out, in spite of the crisis situation that has arisen recently. September 4 in the control center in crisis situations Glavupravleniya Emergencies Ministry in North Ossetia was transferred to a message about ignition transformer in the plant «Electrozink». The zone crisis were sent to the fire units and operatives of the CMC, as a whole to eliminate the consequences were sent 14 technical units and 46 people, thanks to the common efforts of the fire was extinguished quickly enough. According to the press-service of Ministry of Emergency Situations dead and injured in the fire are not available.

Meanwhile, the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant for the production of increased revenues of the first half of 2014 by 9% to 6.733 billion. RUB. However, given the decline in the sale of goods by 20.3% in the domestic market, the income from the sale of zinc and its alloys fell by 6%.

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