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The volume of stainless steel exports from Japan increased

According to the information data provided by the Ministry of Finance of Japan, in July of this year the volume of exports of stainless steel is largely increased, and the overall number of products exported from the country amounted to 104.687 thousand tons, which is higher than the previous month by 10.8%. The main consumer of Japanese stainless production is South Korea, exports from Japan to the country surpassed the figures in June 2014 by 6.9% to 23.791 ths. Tons. Another of the most important directions of exports is China, which consumes about 18.031 tons. The volume of stainless steel exports to China increased by 13.9% with respect to the results of last month. The third most prominent export direction is the US imported in July, 6.429 million tons, exceeding the figures of June at 13.3%.

As for the cost of exported products, the average price of stainless steel exported from Japan, in July 3623 amounted to USD / ton, while the price was 6.4% higher than last month. Overall, the July export of stainless steel brought Japan's total revenue of $ 379.3 million. USD. The volume of imports of stainless steel in the country in July this year amounted to 701 ton, exceeding the 0.1% figure of the same period last year. The average value of imports of goods increased by 2.4% year on year, amounting to 3283 USD.

However, enterprises are not so smooth — the Japanese company «Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation», which arose in 2012 from the merger and released in fiscal 2013 more than 6.74 ppm tons of steel products, for the fifth time suffered from a fire in the production of Nagoya, located in the central part of the country. The company produces a wide range of products of high quality steel sheets and steel pipes for various purposes. According to the company, there was a fire in the coal warehouse. The company's management created a committee to investigate the circumstances of the incident and details at the same time recover the damaged power supply system. In recent years, such accidents are not uncommon in the factory — this failure is the fifth in a row dating back to last year. Four previous incident, according to a representative of the company have arisen in connection with problems of power supply, the cause of the last fire began to other factors, 13 workers were injured at the same time.

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