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The corporation «Alcoa" redistributes power

The American company «Alcoa» continues to redistribute power — at the end of August, representatives of the corporation announced its intention to close the factory «Portovesme» aluminum production. The solution is quite expected, considering that the production has stopped its activities in November 2012. With that, the annual production capacity of «Portovesme» amounts to 150 thousand tons of aluminum, the plant prospects are very limited and unlikely to gain sufficient competitiveness in the current market conditions. Yes, and the production costs of the enterprise is unreasonably high. According to Bob Wilt, who is president of the division «Alcoa Global Primary Products», the plant is not competitive now and this situation can not be changed. By the way, the plant «Portovesme» is not the first in the series is already liquidated «Alcoa» enterprises in 2014.

Earlier representatives of the corporation have provided information to stop the Australian «Point Henry» aluminum smelter producing primary aluminum. According to the managing director of the plant, Warren Sharpe, closing the factory, worked for more than half a century, and released during this period 7.3 million. Tonnes of the metal, not only is the end of an era, but also a heavy blow to the employees who lost their jobs.

In April, the corporation reduced its annual production capacity in Brazil, the volume of which amounted to 147 thousand tons, the main cause of which was designated by the negative market environment and the subsequent increase in costs. In particular, it was finally interrupted factory activity in the Poconos capacity of 62 thousand. Tons, while last year, its production capacity has been reduced by 34 thous. Tons.

This complexity in «of Alcoa 'does not end — it was decided to terminate the agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the project on creation of a joint organization, which produces a protective nano-coated drill pipe made of aluminum, designed for oil and gas in August corporations» of Alcoa «and» Rosnano «R. sector F. Now the initial stages of the project will be implemented exclusively «Alcoa» — indeed, it is possible option, in which the later stages of «Rosnano» will return to the interrupted activity. Previously it was assumed that «Rosnano» will «of Alcoa 'support in the sale of products to consumers in Russia. The main reason for failure of the partnership informed sources referred to the complicated political situation.

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