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China reduces steel consumption

This year, for the first time since 2000, China's steel consumption significantly decreased, which was a prerequisite for economic slowdown in China. As the world's major consumer and producer at the same alloys, year on year, China reduced the overall use of crude steel by 1.9% to 61.9 million. Tons last month, and the period from January to August by 0.3%. Consumption of steel for 8 months of this year fell almost 500 mln. Tons. In some extent on the amount of consumption affects the transition of China's economy in the reduction of the investment regime, but the more important factor may be considered speculative component, enabling the industry and the economy rely on credit growth.

Despite government measures to stimulate the economy, providing a sufficient degree of beneficial impact, the economic downturn of 7.5%. According to preliminary estimates by the end of this year, the volume of steel produced reached the level of 826 million. Tons, the figure higher than the previous year by 6%. To date, and in the short term, given the decline in the consumption of goods become costs remain fairly low. In addition, stocks of products in the order of 35−40 mln. Tons, which is also not the best way effect on pricing.

In general, crude steel production in the Asian countries on an annualized basis during August increased by 1.7% — these data were provided by the World Association steel producers. In August, China brought the volumes of crude production to the level of 68.910 million tons -. This exceeds the results of August 2013 to 1% when the amount of produced steel was 68.228 million tons… Production volumes in India reached a level of 7.027 million. Tons, an increase of 5.2% compared to the results of August last year, when the volume of output amounted to 6.678 million. Tons.

The increase in domestic production of crude steel last month was quite small, reaching 9.349 million. Tons against last year's results in the same period 9,150 mln. Tons. Indicators of Taiwan decreased by 1.8% and amounted to 1,940 mln. Tons in August 2014 against 1.975 million. Tons in August of 2013. At the same time, South Korea is largely increased volumes of own production — increase in production of crude steel last month, up 8% compared to August of 2013, going from 4.894 million tonnes mark to 5.285 million tons…

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