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"Kazchrome" started the production of ferrochrome

Started his career a new ferroalloy plant JSC «TNK» Kazchrome «, whose construction cost about 843 million. USD. In early September, the first furnace smelter produced starting 20 tonnes of ferrochrome. Also, «Kazchrome» leadership is counting on the development of the production of medium-carbon ferrochrome, which will be held investment converter unit. The investment plans of companies listed and the power plant designed to dispose of ferroalloy gases. Construction of «Kazchrome» started in 2010, it includes the production of four modern DC furnace with an annual production capacity of 440 000 tonnes of high carbon ferrochrome. JSC «TNK» Kazchrome «is a production complex, consisting of 11 major manufacturing facilities, performs the process from the entrance of feedstock material to the shipment of manufactured products

JSC «TNK» Kazchrome «can be safely included in the group of the most promising and important projects included in the investment program of the Eurasian Group. The new production of fully using innovative advanced smelting technology in DC furnaces. These processes are unique both for Kazakhstan and for the entire industry ferroalloy production. All the stages of the most automated production is equipped with a three-stage water purification system, a closed loop can be used without water discharges from the cleaning system. The purity of the environment provide modern gas treatment installation, guaranteeing a high level of cleaning. Used in the construction of production solutions allow to eliminate ferroalloy dust and gas, which greatly reduces the volume of solid emissions. In production processes used domestic materials — carbon reducing agents and medium-sized ore. The new production facility is the guarantor of reducing production costs and increase productivity. After the start of operation of the plant experts expect the country's export potential growth in ferrochrome production by 16%, in general, the potential of the Aktobe region will increase by 46%.

The Chinese company «Tiangong Chromium» said the timing of the main enterprise for the production of ferrochrome — commissioning will be completed by the end of this month, in October, production will start in the normal mode. Production capacity is 200 thousand tons per year.

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