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Zinc will go up

Analysts «Danske Bank» suggest an increase in the cost of zinc in the next year to USD 420 per tonne, which ultimately raise the price of the metal to the level of 2575 USD / ton. Investment bank «Goldman Sachs» set a very positive, considering the medium and long term prospects of the zinc market and relying on forecasts of a relatively limited increase in metal supply for at least two years. According to experts, the effect on the growth of production capacities for the production of zinc in Latin America and China, to some extent counterbalanced by the closing of the leading western mines. In general, according to analysts' estimates for the period from January to March this year, the deficit of zinc in the world market amounted to 17 thousand tons, while in 2013 the figure was 72 thousand tons. And if metal production for the period January-March 2014 amounted to 3.214 million. Tons, zinc consumed in the amount of 3.231 million. Tons.

Specialists of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, Russia's leader in the production of zinc and zinc alloys, examined the results of the company for the period January-June this year. Issue of commercial zinc and zinc alloys increased by 2.5% in the first half of the year relative to the same period last year, which amounted to 87 649 tonnes. Of the total production, 52.7% of the enterprises sold in the Russian market, whereas in the first half of last year's same period, the figure was 70.8%.

Company «Nova Zinc» also does not stand still, increasing production capacity, if for the first six months of last year of zinc concentrate production was 15,839 tons, in 2014 during the same period results increased by 13%, reaching 17 936 tonnes. And increased production of lead concentrate: in January-June last year, 2345 tonnes were produced, whereas this year, an increase of 29% and amounted to 3026 tons. Affiliated branch of the Chelyabinsk plant «The Brock Metal Company Limited», UK, for the six months of this year, failed to implement the order of 15,886 tonnes of zinc alloys, increasing the result of last year's same period by 31% from 12 084 tonnes. Last year the company produced 166.357 tons of metal, fully corresponding SHG quality.

Meanwhile, the Chinese holding «Minmetals» corrected their own plans for the production of zinc, as reported and in early August. Now, instead of the previously planned 600−620 thous. Tons of the company until the end of the year will receive 575−600 ths. Tons.

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